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Asbestos Solutions Northern Ireland is part of ACE Building Surveys. We are a professional team of building surveyors and we conduct Asbestos surveys in both domestic and commercial settings. We can provide advice, testing and other support for Asbestos Management Surveys and Asbestos Refurbishment / Demolition surveys.

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Home heating: Open fire versus wood-burning or multi fuel stove

The traditional open fire is a very popular concept here in Northern Ireland as a secondary form of home heating, and in some older properties it may be the main or only source of heating
An open fire is lovely to look at and does provide a very cosy feel to a room but the downside is that it is only around 15 -30% efficient with up to 80% of the heat literally going up the chimney. Plus it’s not really possible to regulate the heat output and if left unattended it will go out quite quickly.

A wood-burning or multi-fuel stove on the other hand can be 70% efficient and modern designs with secondary combustion can be up to 85% efficient. In addition there is some control over heat output with a facility to close down the appliance for longer periods if you want to leave it unattended. It’s also safer with less danger of flying sparks.

Another point worth making; if you don’t have an existing chimney it may be possible to fit a stove with a steel extract flue

If you are thinking of installing a new fire or stove and before making any decision it is important to seek professional advice and check that your chimney is in suitable condition for any proposed installation.

If you have any queries or would like further information or clarification on any building issues, or if you are seeking a property survey, please feel free to contact Philip Hobson at ACE Building Surveys. Tel: 07702 332 333 or Email: philip@acebuildingsurveys.co.uk
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Do you have a condensation problem? When warm moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, the warm air condenses and the moisture is released onto the colder surface causing condensation, which...

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