Asbestos Surveys Larne

Asbestos Surveys Larne – by Asbestos Solutions Northern Ireland


Asbestos Artex

We are a local asbestos building survey supplier providing asbestos surveys Larne and across Northern Ireland. Asbestos Containg Materials (A.C.M’s) were used extensively in the building trade throughout Larne and indeed the rest of the country. It may have been used in construction right up until the year 2000.

How Do I Know If my Property Contains Asbestos?

If you do not know if asbestos is present in your home or your business premises then it is advisable to book an asbestos survey. We will handle the whole process for you. We are fully qualified and have the latest training required to locate dangerous A.C.M’s.

Asbestos Solutions NI will arrive and carefully seek out ALL areas where asbestos is common. We will take samples that are tested at a UKAS approved lab. It is possible to tell if a material is asbestos by looking at it but in some cases asbestos material was “mixed” in with other coverings such as artex. After years of painting and covering artex on an internal home or office ceiling it can be extremely difficult to determine if the material contains asbestos. This is why we test anything questionable for complete safety.

Are you a building Owner in Larne?

Asbestos is a very dangerous material and must be managed safely to eliminate exposure. If you own a building or business in Larne or throughout Northern Ireland you have the legal duty to manage asbestos material. For more information please see the Health & Safety Executive article by clicking here. Contact Us if you are unsure of anything. We are always on hand to provide assistance and advice including a full building survey.

REMEMBER! – If you are in any doubt about any material, always assume asbestos is present and treat the material accordingly.

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