Magherafelt Asbestos Surveys


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Asbestos Solutions NI is an independent supplier of Magherafelt asbestos surveys. If you suspect asbestos in your home or workplace we will survey your property and take samples. The samples will be tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory and a full report will be provided. We are a friendly team who will be happy to discuss and advise on how to manage the asbestos material. We can also advise on asbestos removal.

Asbestos airborne particles are extremely harmful to health and potential hazards can easily be managed. Generally asbestos boards can be of no threat as long as they are not disturbed. The problem is that certain asbestos materials are usually hidden and not easily identified. This is why is is important to have a full asbestos survey carried out. Asbestos can be found in places we would not even think of. This article from the Northern Ireland Safety Group describes the use of old asbestos cement pipes for drinking water used by Northern Ireland Water.

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