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Asbestos_Surveys_BelfastWith offices in Belfast we carry out asbestos surveys Belfast and beyond. We are an independent team of fully qualified building surveyors. We cover all of Northern Ireland and have countless satisfied customers. Feel free to check out some of our previous surveys on our online portfolio.

Our Belfast Asbestos Surveys

Contact us today to find out how we can help you identify asbestos materials in your commercial or domestic premises in Belfast. We will take samples which will be tested at a UKAS approved lab. A full plain English report will be drawn up and provided with all detail of our findings. We are then on hand to answer your questions whether you opt for introducing an asbestos management plan, or if you want advice on Belfast asbestos removal.

Asbestos Management Surveys

An asbestos management survey focuses on making sure that:

  1. No one can come to harm by coming into contact with Asbestos Containing Materials.
  2. Ensures that the Asbestos Containing Materials remain in good condition.
  3. Ensures that no one can disturb the materials (even by accident).

Asbestos Refurbishment / Demolitions Survey

Asbestos refurbishment / Demolitions surveys is required BEFORE part of a premises is refurbished or demolished. This surveys aims to:

  1. No one comes to harm when working on the building or Asbestos Containing Materials.
  2. Any work is carried out properly with the qualified contractor following appropriate protocols when dealing with ACM’s.

For more detail on these surveys from the Health & Safety Executive, please click here.

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