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Asbestos Surveys Antrim! Here at Asbestos Solutions Northern Ireland we look after our customers when it comes to detecting and managing asbestos in the Antrim area. We are fully qualified asbestos consultants and carry out asbestos surveys in Antrim and beyond for domestic and commercial property.

asbestos-surveys-antrimDid you know? Asbestos was used right up until the year 2000 until it was no longer permitted. Asbestos is commonly found in gutters, soffit boards, tiles, roof tiles, window boards, pipe lagging, ceiling tiles and wall coverings, shed roofing, artex on ceilings and to cover the side of staircases etc. It was also commonly found in electric cupboard doors due to its fire proofing properties.

Antrim has a large amount of property containing asbestos. Don’t take any risks when it comes to asbestos. It is extremely harmful when disturbed. If you are worried about Asbestos, contact us today for your free quotation and we will identify and test for asbestos providing you with a full and detailed report. Take a look at this Belfast Telegraph article about a local Antrim school that was closed after asbestos was found. This echoes the importance of properly managing asbestos in any building where someone could be exposed to fibres.

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