£100,000 Asbestos Exposure Fine

£100,000 Asbestos Exposure Fine

Most people know the importance of safety when it comes to asbestos containing material. Apprentices are taught about asbestos safety in the workplace during their course. Although not everyone understands the danger of asbestos. This often leads to an asbestos exposure fine.

Asbestos Exposure Fine

A home improvement company in St Albans were fined £100,000 plus court costs after removing asbestos insulation board. The boards were found as soffits in the house. The company were carrying out home improvements in a family home. St Albans court was told that asbestos boards surrounding guttering were removed in an unsafe manner. The court heard that this had created a serious risk of respiratory exposure of asbestos fibres. The family including their two children along with two workers were exposed to the risk.

HSE Investigation

The Health & Safety Executive investigated and found that the company had not been licensed to remove asbestos. The incident occurred in September 2015 and the limited company was fined £100,000 including court costs and fees.

Asbestos Is Dangerous

Asbestos is a very dangerous and banned material. Not only does asbestos cause respiratory problems and cancer in people but companies are continually being fined. We see hundreds of thousands in fines every year and a risk to human health.

Book A Northern Ireland Asbestos Survey: 07702 332 333

The golden rule! – ALWAYS book an asbestos survey before refurbishment or development works. We can help you identify asbestos and keep you on the right side of the law. More importantly we can help keep you safe.

In an older house, if in doubt then always assume asbestos to be present.

We carry out professional asbestos and home surveys to suit all budgets. We will provide you with a plain English report on what is found. All asbestos testing is carried out in a UKAS accredited laboratory in Northern Ireland.

Call Philip on 07702 332 333 to book a professional asbestos survey in Northern Ireland. We will be delighted to hear from you!

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