Asbestos Found in Protruding Water Pipe

Asbestos Found in Protruding Water Pipe

A passer by discovered a burst water pipe at Southampton Common on his way home from work. He thought it looked unusual so consulted others who confirmed that it was coated in asbestos. The member of the public raised the alarm to their local Southampton council.

While waiting for the council to arrive to put barriers in place, children and pets had passed the area. Mr Kennedy said he remained to stop anyone unknowingly coming into contact with asbestos after he witnessed dogs go up and sniff the burst pipe.

The local council said they had to instruct the services of a licensed removal contractor to deal with the hazard effectively. You can read more in the Daily Echo article here.

Asbestos Still Present Today

We don’t normally expect to come across asbestos on our walk home but asbestos can show up in the most unlikely of places.

Earlier in our blog we wrote an article about where you might find asbestos in the home. It can be in artex coatings, insulation, pipe lagging, bath panels and door and window panels too. To make it worse, many asbestos products have been covered over with other materials over the years making it difficult to locate. Always be careful when working on a building especially drilling or sanding.

See our article on the 5 most common asbestos containing materials here. If in doubt always contact a specialist.

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