What Does An Asbestos Survey Entail?

What Does An Asbestos Survey Entail?

When we carry out an asbestos survey we will look at every material possible within the building. But what does an asbestos survey entail? We have a wealth of asbestos knowledge and know where it was commonly used in building construction. However sometimes asbestos containing materials were covered in paint or textures. To be extra safe we take samples of any suspected asbestos during a survey.

We Check Thoroughly For Asbestos During Our Survey

Sometimes when an asbestos survey is carried out, the surveyor may not check certain areas and mark it down as “limited access”. We strive to get access to as much of the building as possible as this is the safest type of survey. Our surveyors will look in many places, here are some of the common places we check:

  • Under Carpets.
  • Under Lino or other coverings.
  • Above ceiling voids.
  • Panels at bath, boxing of pipes etc.
  • Artex coatings.
  • The loft space.
  • Any insulating boards.
  • Any fireproof products.
  • Soffits and cement based gutters.
  • Meter Cupboards.
  • Walls & partitions.
  • Older Cisterns.
  • Older Storage heaters & fire blankets.

It is surprising where asbestos can be found. It can be found in products in the building and within the building fabric itself. We check thoroughly because we know it can turn up in these unsuspected areas.

Do I Need An Asbestos Survey?

We carry out different types of asbestos surveys to suit your needs. We can tailor a survey to your individual requirements. If you maintain a property or are considering any refurbishments then we would highly recommend an asbestos survey, especially if your home or commercial building was constructed before the year 2000.

A rigorous asbestos survey is a good idea before any demolition or improvements. Sometimes we will need to ask assistance from the building manager or caretaker to make sure we get access to all areas.

We can carry out asbestos surveys in any building, including hospitals, elderly care homes, schools, colleges and universities. We plan carefully before each survey to make sure that it provides you with the peace of mind. Our asbestos report will also provide you with the information for the safe running of the building into the future.

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