Asbestos Surveys NI

Asbestos Surveys NI

Employers and duty holders all have legal responsibilities when it comes to managing asbestos within Northern Ireland buildings. If you work in the construction sector in NI then you should be aware of the importance of asbestos surveys and registers which should be at every relevant site you visit.

Asbestos in Construction

asbestos-surveys-niAsbestos material was used extensively in the Northern Ireland building industry right up until it was banned in 1999. It is still very common to find asbestos throughout public, domestic and commercial buildings here in NI. We always advise against disturbing asbestos in your home or workplace during any renovations or decorating. If the asbestos is in good condition and is not disturbed then it should not pose any great risk. It is when asbestos is damaged or disturbed that it becomes extremely dangerous and produces air-borne particles that can be fatal, mainly causing certain cancers.

Construction industry workers should always consult the asbestos register before starting any work on a commercial building. If the duty holder or building manager doesn’t have one then an asbestos survey should be carried out. We carry out asbestos surveys NI wide and always take great care in documenting all instances of asbestos found.

Never Disturb Asbestos Material

asbestos-surveys-niWe have come across many construction workers that have unwittingly disturbed asbestos materials during work on domestic and public buildings. It is always a worry that fibres may have been unknowingly inhaled. Do not take this risk. If you are working on a job and you are unsure then always assume that asbestos is present if the building was built before the year 2000.

The duty holder or building manager is responsible for managing asbestos within the building. They cannot pass their legal duty onto others and so they must make sure that everyone adheres to the rules for the safety of all that come in and out of the building.

Asbestos Surveys NI

We carry out asbestos surveys NI wide and send all collected samples to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing and analysis. We will produce a detailed asbestos report and can assist you in creating an asbestos management plan. We can also help you with your asbestos register. All sub-contractors must check this before carrying out any work or repairs.

We are always happy to help and assist. Contact Philip Hobson on: 07702 332 333 or check out our contact us page by clicking here.

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