Choosing your Asbestos Surveyor!

Your Local NI Asbestos Surveyor

BOHS P402 is the recognised industry asbestos surveying qualification for Asbestos Surveyors. A building owner or duty holder wanting to engage an asbestos surveyor may assume that any surveyor with such a qualification will be competent…Not so!… A BOHS P402 qualification on its own does not demonstrate competency. Recently a BOHS qualified and UKAS accredited surveyor was fined for failing to identify in excess of 1,000 m2 of asbestos insulation board which resulted in the spread of asbestos and exposure to workers during demolition. And unfortunately this is by no means an isolated incident. Furthermore there are many individual competent asbestos surveyors who are P402 qualified operating as sole traders but are not part of any UKAS accredited organisation. When making your selection of an asbestos surveyor it would be wise to place higher importance on previous experience rather than so called UKAS accreditation.

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