Digital Asbestos Management Database

Digital Asbestos Management Database

We carry outĀ asbestos awareness training across Northern Ireland. During this, we tell the public about the importance of keeping an asbestos management plan. Companies come up with many different ways of storing information on ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Materials).

Paper or Database?

It is entirely up to you as the duty holder how you wish to store your information. The asbestos management plan must include an asbestos register. Any external contractors should see this before they begin work within your building. They need to know where the asbestos is in case they disturb it. We personally like to use a digital solution. A management plan can be printed out and kept in a file but a database that holds all of the areas and information is a great idea. It makes it easy to update, change and record data in one central place. No duplication and no confusion.

Ulster University Asbestos Management Plan

Ulster University has done a great job with their asbestos management plan. They have created a system known as MICAD Asbestos Register or MAR for short. This is embedded within their USMS (University Space Management System). It contains drawings as well as information on the spaces concerned. The MAR allows actual digital photographs to be attached to each asbestos management record. This provides a great visual tool for any contractor coming to the site.

While the University system is excellent, you don’t need to have anything too fancy. A simple Microsoft Excel sheet or database would do the job well. The management plan is usually written in a Microsoft Office Document and the details or register in Excel.

Asbestos Surveys & Management Help

If you have decided that you need an asbestos survey or need help creating a management plan then contact us today. Across Northern Ireland, We have helped beginners and professionals to create asbestos registers and associated management plans.

We offer great value asbestos surveys Northern Ireland wide. We will tailor a package to suit your needs. All of our asbestos reports and findings are written in plain English and we are always on hand to answer any questions.

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