Facts About Asbestos

Facts About Asbestos

There are many facts about asbestos that people do not know. This article tries to answer some of your questions. Asbestos fibres occurs naturally right across the world. Asbestos minerals come from metamorphic rock. It was used for many decades in construction and for years, Canada was the leading producer of the material.

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

It is now well known that asbestos is dangerous due to the health problems it causes. Breathing in the fibres will damage the lining of the lungs and leads to lung cancer.

As a general rule of thumb, asbestos is only dangerous to us if the fibres are released into the air with the risk of breathing them in.

Types of Asbestos

Crocidolite – also known as “Blue Asbestos.”



All asbestos is a danger to health. If asbestos fibres are breathed in. The lungs aveoli close up and trap the sharp fibres. If many fibres have been inhaled then the lungs begin to loose function and become less elastic making it hard to breathe. Asbestos fibres cannot be broken down so this can interrupt cell division leading to lung cancers.

Who is Most at Risk?

It is typical to read that electricians, joiners, plumbers and other tradesmen are most at risk. However anyone that uses a building that contains asbestos is at risk. The risk from asbestos that can be disturbed may be high. This is why it is important to properly manage asbestos within a building.

How to Identify Asbestos?

The best way to identify asbestos is to have properly trained asbestos surveyors such as ourselves in to thoroughly comb the entire building.

We provide asbestos surveys to suit your needs and your budget. We carry out asbestos surveys across Northern Ireland every day. We know the building industry and all the strange places where asbestos is hidden and used.

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Where is Asbestos Found?

Please see this post we published previously on identifying asbestos. There is also a photo gallery to help you identify where asbestos may be found. Please note that it is not an extensive or complete guide. Identifying Asbestos article from Asbestos Solutions Northern Ireland.

Duty to Manage Asbestos.

It’s not only important to manage asbestos in domestic households. If you have any maintenance or management responsibilities for a business or commercial premises then you are responsible. The law requires you to manage asbestos in the workplace or warehouse.

You should have an asbestos register. No contractor should disturb asbestos in the building without first signing the asbestos register. This is to make sure they know where all of the asbestos containing materials are prior to carrying out their job. You must have had an asbestos survey conducted and all instances of asbestos recorded. Otherwise you put at risk, everyone in the building.

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