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northern-ireland-asbestos-surveyorsOne important reason to get in contact with our Northern Ireland Asbestos Surveyors is to make sure your building is safe. Most people who contract any asbestos related cancer did not realise the damage during the time of exposure to asbestos.

Birds Pecking at a Warehouse Roof Causes Employees Death

This may be hard to believe for some people but this story is true. A cash and carry employee from Gloucestershire worked there for 13 years. His job involved loading produce and customer purchases into delivery vehicles in the warehouse. It is sad that no one realised that asbestos dust was falling from above. The birds had been pecking holes in the roof material for years releasing dangerous asbestos dust fibers into the warehouse air.

In this line of work the employee never thought that he would be exposed to asbestos. A post mortem examination found there to be nearly 20,000 asbestos fibers in the employees lung tissue which indicated workplace exposure.

You can read the full article on the Asbestos First website by clicking here.

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This sad story highlights exactly why it is important to have an asbestos survey carried out on any property. We will help you create an asbestos management plan and take any measures possible to stop asbestos exposure.

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