Protecting Pets From Asbestos Exposure

Protecting Pets From Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is lethal to humans and there are many unnecessary asbestos related deaths each year. But what about our beloved pets? This is something that is often overlooked by property owners.

Asbestos Fibres

Asbestos fibres are microscopic and needle like. They should never enter the lungs. If they do the lungs cannot break down the fibres and they get lodged there. This is what damages the lungs over the course of many years depending on the number of fibres that are present.

Pets and Asbestos

We sometimes forget about our pets. Cats and dogs can easily be forgotten about when trying to manage asbestos. Asbestos can affect animals lungs in the same way it affects human lungs. Asbestos should not be disturbed if in good condition. Pets can scratch asbestos boards and release fibres into the air. This is dangerous to the animal and anyone in the area.

What About Birds?

We previously talked about a case in a previous blog post here. Over a number of years pigeons had been pecking at the asbestos roofing which released fibres into the air and caused an employees death. The rule of thumb is that if there is a risk of disturbance then asbestos should be made safe and managed or removed completely by a qualified asbestos removal specialist.

What Can I Do?

To protect your pets from asbestos exposure you can check your property for asbestos. We can offer a professional asbestos survey of your property and help you manage any risks. We always carry out a very thorough asbestos survey and will present you with a written and easy to understand report.

Should I Restrict Access?

Restricting access to areas that contain asbestos is a good idea. Not only should you restrict access for pets but there may be a need to restrict children as well. Children and pets can accidentally disturb asbestos which will release fibres into the home.

You should be careful when carrying out any DIY. Many asbestos boards have been covered with plasterboard or other coatings in the past. If in doubt, please call us and we will identify any asbestos in your property.

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