Surveys Help Avoid Asbestos Fines

Surveys Help Avoid Asbestos Fines

We see local companies in Northern Ireland getting fined on a monthly basis due to asbestos health and safety failings. This does not need to be the case. We are Asbestos Solutions NI and we can help you create a safe environment and avoid costly fines.

Cookstown Asbestos Exposure Fine

According to this BBC News article, Dale Farm was fined £30, 000 plus court costs of £2500.00 after two ventilation engineers were exposed to asbestos fibres.

The case was brought by the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) after the incident occurred at Dunmanbridge Creamery. The company did not have an up to date management plan or register.

Asbestos Management Survey

Don’t get caught out. When extending or refurbishing a building you must have an asbestos survey carried out before work takes place. There must be an asbestos management plan and asbestos register. This helps any contractors or engineers learn where asbestos is within the building prior to disturbing any asbestos.

The company did have an asbestos management survey carried out before but unfortunately they did not have an asbestos management plan in place.

Asbestos Dangers At Work

Remember, Asbestos remains the number one cause of work related deaths in Northern Ireland. We cannot stress enough the dangers and the importance of managing the material.

Anyone in charge of a commercial building has a duty to manage asbestos risks. We can help you develop a safe asbestos management plan.

Call Philip on: 07702 332 333 to find out how we can help you. See below recent feedback from a Belfast client after we created an asbestos management solution for their business.

“Philip was such a great help. We had seen recent reports of local NI companies being fined for asbestos problems. As the buildings officer I was extremely worried that we had not had any asbestos survey carried out and that we might potentially be putting our staff at risk of asbestos exposure.”

“Philip conducted a thorough management survey for us. He helped me understand the report and create a special register that tells our visitors and external contractors where the asbestos is located. I make sure that ALL workers that come in, sign the register so they are safe and that we are covered also.”

Simon – Premises Officer, Belfast

Call Us: 07702 332 333

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