What is an Asbestos Re-inspection Survey in Northern Ireland

What is an Asbestos Re-inspection Survey in Northern Ireland

Asbestos is a hazardous material that was commonly used in buildings in the past. Due to its potential health risks, it is important to regularly monitor and assess the condition of asbestos-containing materials in buildings. In Northern Ireland, an asbestos re-inspection survey is a vital tool in ensuring the safety and compliance of buildings.

Understanding the Purpose of an Asbestos Re-inspection Survey

An asbestos re-inspection survey, also known as an annual asbestos re-inspection survey, is conducted to monitor and record the condition of previously identified asbestos products within a building. The survey aims to identify any deterioration or damage to asbestos-containing materials, as these can pose significant health hazards if not properly managed.

The survey is based on an existing asbestos survey or asbestos register, which provides initial information about the presence and location of asbestos in the building. By conducting regular re-inspection surveys, the duty holder can ensure that the asbestos-containing materials are properly maintained and that any necessary control measures are in place.

What Does an Asbestos Re-inspection Report Include?

An asbestos re-inspection survey report provides valuable information for the duty holder. It assesses the current asbestos documentation, identifies potential issues or gaps in the data, and updates the asbestos records accordingly. The report also includes a re-inspection of the sites to identify any changes to the asbestos-containing materials.

One key feature of the report is the use of automated site geo-location and a dynamic, data-integrated floor planner. This provides clarity on the site’s position and helps in mapping out the asbestos-containing materials within the building. The report also reviews the current control measures, documentation, and asbestos management plan.

If any existing asbestos-containing materials are identified as unsafe due to deterioration, our plain English report can guide the duty holder in choosing the appropriate course of action to achieve compliance. This may involve asbestos removal or managing asbestos in situ, depending on the specific circumstances.

The Role of Asbestos Removal Contractors in Northern Ireland

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In cases where asbestos removal is necessary, it is crucial to engage a certified asbestos removal contractor. These contractors are responsible for safely removing asbestos-containing materials from the building. They self-certify that the asbestos has been completely removed, ensuring the safety of the occupants and the surrounding environment.

Areas where asbestos removal has taken place should also be included in the asbestos re-inspection survey. This is to provide independent assurance that the asbestos-containing materials have been fully removed. To obtain a clearance certificate and reoccupy the area, asbestos air testing is typically required.

Competence and Accreditation for Asbestos Re-inspection Surveys

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012) in Northern Ireland stipulates that the team conducting the survey must possess sufficient information, instruction, and training. It is essential to choose a supplier such as ourselves who is competent and experienced in managing asbestos risks to ensure the safety of the team, building occupants, and the environment.

We Are Your Local Northern Ireland Asbestos Surveyor

Partnering with our professional team of asbestos surveyors can bring several advantages. We offer comprehensive solutions for managing asbestos risks, including asbestos re-inspection surveys. Out team can provide strategic asbestos management advice based on the recommendations from the survey report.

In addition, our offices are located in key locations such as Coleraine and Belfast, making us easily accessible for clients throughout Northern Ireland.

Responsibilities of the Duty Holder in Northern Ireland

If you are the duty holder in Northern Ireland, it is your responsibility to manage asbestos risks in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. Effectively managing these risks is crucial for protecting the occupants, environment, and overall organisation from the dangers of asbestos.

Regular asbestos re-inspection surveys play a vital role in ensuring compliance and maintaining the safety of your building. By conducting these surveys, you can identify any changes or deterioration in asbestos-containing materials and take appropriate action to mitigate the risks.


An asbestos re-inspection survey is a crucial step in managing asbestos-containing materials in buildings across Northern Ireland. These surveys help duty holders monitor and record the condition of asbestos products, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting the health and safety of building occupants.

By commissioning a reputable asbestos consultancy, duty holders can have confidence in the accuracy of the survey report and the recommendations provided.

Remember, the safety of your building and everyone within it should always be a top priority. Regular asbestos re-inspection surveys are an essential part of maintaining a safe and compliant environment in Northern Ireland.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.