When Is Asbestos Dangerous?

When Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Earlier on our blog we talked about asbestos being a major cause of work related death in the UK every year. We know it is a hazardous substance but When Is Asbestos Dangerous? Do you see it and run! or is it not as dangerous as people say. This post will answer these questions. Always air on the side of caution.

Where Is Asbestos In My Property?

It is surprising to know that millions of properties in the UK contain asbestos even though it was banned for use in 1999. If your home was built in the year 2000 or beyond it is unlikely to contain asbestos. There may still be asbestos lurking in post 2000 properties as contractors used up their existing stocks of the material.

Asbestos can be found in a large number of locations in commercial and domestic property across Northern Ireland. A few examples include ceiling panels, bath panels, soffit boards, artex and floor tiles to name but a few. You can read our blog post here about tips for identifying asbestos in your home.

Never Disturb Asbestos

It was very common to see asbestos insulation board installed above doors and under windows in domestic and commercial buildings across the UK. Many of these panels can still be found intact today in a good state of repair. Generally this does not pose any immediate threat and can safely be left well alone. However if the materials appears damaged or flaking then it should be removed and made safe by the professionals.

Many building owners have taken it upon themselves to remove asbestos themselves thinking it will make the building safe. This can do much more harm than good. Fibres can be released into the air. These fibres are dangerous when breathed into the lungs. A very high grade of professional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required and should never be removed without a professional. Standard D.I.Y masks are generally no good for working with asbestos.

Trust Your Local Asbestos Surveyors

If you are not sure if your property contains asbestos or need samples collected and analysed, we can help. You can trust us with your asbestos surveying requirements. We are an independent team of professional asbestos surveyors working across Northern Ireland. We have vast experience carrying out asbestos surveys to the latest standards in both commercial and domestic premises including the public sector.

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