Are You a Tradesman?

Are You a Tradesman?

Are you a tradesman? or tradeswoman? Did you know that according to the Health & Safety Executive around 20 trades personnel die each week from asbestos related illnesses?

Why is Asbestos So Dangerous?

Asbestos is so dangerous because of the way that the fibres affect the lungs. Asbestos related deaths are about 5000 each year as reported by the HSE.

Tradesmen and women are at the most risk due to the large amounts of asbestos found throughout buildings constructed before the year 2000. During routine maintenance or refurbishments, tradesmen and women often disturb asbestos without knowing. This releases the toxic fibres into the air and can be breathed in.

Asbestos that is breathed in can cause very serious diseases such as Mesothelioma and lung cancers. Extreme care should be taken at all times during any works being carried out to any building that contains asbestos.

How Do I know If My Building Contains Asbestos?

If you building was constructed on or before the year 2000 then it may contain asbestos. There is no perfect way to be certain as to whether your building contains the substance. Asbestos has been painted over, plastered over, covered in textures, moved and hidden over the years.

If you would like to be certain if there is any asbestos present, we can provide a full asbestos survey at your home or commercial premises. Our fully trained surveyors are on hand and use state of the art techniques during our survey. We can survey your property thoroughly. We will provide you with a full findings report written in plain English. Any sampled we collect are tested in a UKAS registered lab right here in Northern Ireland.

How Do I Book An Asbestos Survey?

Booking a professional asbestos survey is easy. We don’t care for endless forms and making you wait for days for a response. Simply call Philip on 07702 332 333 and we will be happy to assist you today!

Asbestos can pose serious problems so if you require an emergency asbestos survey, please let us know and we can speed up the process to help you get your report as soon as possible. We cover anywhere in Northern Ireland.