Unlicensed Asbestos Removal at Primary School

Unlicensed Asbestos Removal at Primary School

Removing asbestos can be a dangerous project. Strict guidelines and rules must be adhered to and it is always recommended to have asbestos removed by a professional.

During refurbishment works in October 2016 at a primary school in Dursley, unsafe and unlicensed asbestos removal was carried out. Workers were subjected to to high levels of asbestos dust during the removal. It was noted that no water was used to contain the airborne fibres.

The court was told that no enclosure had been setup and negative pressure was not used to contain any stray fibres. There were no means of decontamination after work had been completed.

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Breach

The company who carried out the unlicensed asbestos removal pleaded guilty to breaching the legislation. They were fined £28,000 and court costs of £1,141.80.

A Health & Safety Executive inspector said that the company should have followed the correct procedures and that a licensed asbestos removal firm should have been sought.

The HSE inspector reiterated that they will always take appropriate enforcement action against anyone who breaches asbestos regulations and standards. You can read the full article on the HSE website here.

Health & Safety Executive

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is the national regulator for workplace health and safety in the United Kingdom. We also have the Northern Ireland health & safety executive for this region (HSENI). The HSE prevents work related death and injury across the UK by enforcing regulations and legislation. The HSE will intervene should any company operate below required standards. These activities are supported by scientific knowledge and expertise.

Our Asbestos Surveys in Northern Ireland

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