Asbestos – A Hidden Epidemic

Asbestos – A Hidden Epidemic

Doctor Kate Richmond who is just 44 has been told she has months left to live due to asbestos exposure when working as a student nurse and doctor. She has successfully won a case brought against the NHS for the negligence.

An investigation carried out by the Independent found 13 prosecutions linked to asbestos related breaches by the NHS since 2010. The newspaper also discovered there were 381 work related illness claims against the NHS totaling over 26 million pounds.

Health & Safety Executive Data

According to the HSE statistics 128 health & social care staff died from mesothelioma between 2011 and 2017. This is the same disease that doctor Richmond has.

It was heard that maintenance staff would carry out work to asbestos ceiling tiles allowing dust and debris to enter wards where staff and patients were present. It was alleged that Management at the old Walsgrave Hospital did not respond to warnings from staff.

Doctor Richmond told that she would regularly use underground tunnels to move around the hospital. The tunnels were full of asbestos lined pipework. Lawyers brought the claim against the hospital after a maintenance worker came forward telling of the work they carried out on asbestos ceiling tiles with no health & safety measures. Kate Richmond said that she believes there is a “hidden epidemic” and that many more cases of mesothelioma will be seen in the future.

Importance of Asbestos Surveys

We regularly talk about the importance of asbestos surveys and how they can save lives. It is paramount to survey for asbestos, keep an asbestos register and monitor it’s condition. Under no circumstances should it be disturbed unless it is being properly disposed of by the relevant specialists.

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