Asbestos Banned 20 Years!

Asbestos Banned 20 Years!

Asbestos was banned 20 years ago in the UK. The use of the hazardous substance was one of the biggest mistakes ever made. Thousands of people die each year due to asbestos related illnesses including mesothelioma. This is hard to believe even though asbestos has been banned for 20 years now.

Asbestos History

Back in the day, Asbestos was a miracle! It’s strong and fire-resistant properties made it popular in the construction industry. It was used in cement boards, insulation, shipbuilding applications, engineering projects and throughout the home up until 1999.

Workmen and women across the country were not aware that the breathing in the fibres would harm them later in their lives. Not only where the workers subjected to asbestos at work, but asbestos dust was carried into the home on work clothing. This put the rest of the family in danger at the time.

Current Dangers Lurking

How many buildings do you see that would have been built before the year 2000? There are so many buildings that still contain asbestos today. This is why you must take care when working in or using older buildings.

If you are responsible for a building that may contain asbestos, we can help you. You should have an asbestos survey carried out and any risks documented. We can help you create an asbestos register. This will help ensure the safety of everyone who might use the building including any workmen or women.

Contact Philip today on 07702 332 333 to book an asbestos survey! Our team are reliable and will leave no stone un-turned. All asbestos samples are analysed right here in Northern Ireland at a specialist laboratory so you will have confidence backed by our professional team.