Asbestos Fears at Primark Belfast Fire Site

Asbestos Fears at Primark Belfast Fire Site

Specialist asbestos removal teams have been removing debris and rubble from the site of the old bank buildings Primark Fire which occurred more than one year ago. This comes after there have been Asbestos Fears at Primark Belfast Fire Site.

Workers dressed in specialist protective clothing and face masks have been seen carrying away double bagged rubble from the site.

Bank Buildings Fire

On August 28th 2018, the bank building caught fire and burned for three days. It took over 100 firefighters to bring the fire under control. The fire started on the roof or 5th floor and spread quickly throughout the building. All internal floor eventually collapsed.

The removal team have been using hoses to dampen down the rubble as it is bagged so no asbestos fibres are released into the air.

Health & Safety Concerns

Northern Ireland Asbestos Surveyor

According to a Belfast Live article, people are worried about the potential asbestos contamination. A Health & Safety Executive staff member said that they are unable to comment as an investigation is still ongoing.

The Belfast Live team had a number of questions they wanted answered such as “Where there any air quality test carried out at or after the time of the fire?”. The investigation may look at such questions.

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