Is Asbestos Present In Older Boilers?

Is Asbestos Present In Older Boilers?

Is asbestos present in older boilers? We advise that any tradesmen taking part in refurbishment or demolition works be mindful of the presence of asbestos.

It is true that tradesmen can be a a greater risk of coming into contact with asbestos fibres. This is because they will be the people ripping it out or drilling into it during refurbishment or demolition work. Most of the time this is done without the worker knowing they are dealing with asbestos.

Asbestos Has Excellent Heat Resistant Properties

In and around the 1970’s most heat proof and insulating materials contained asbestos. It was once thought of as a miracle product due to these unique properties.

Asbestos fibres are dangerous when breathed in. They are microscopic particles that can float in the air. When inhaled they can cause disease of the lungs including Mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Asbestos In Boilers?

We wanted to highlight the dangers of boiler insulation. There have been countless exposure incidents involving boiler and pipe lagging across the UK including numerous cases right here in Northern Ireland.

Asbestos was used to insulate boiler casings and pipe work to reduce energy costs and decrease the risk of fire. Large boilers found in schools, military bases, hospitals, other industrial buildings and the home were commonly contaminated with asbestos fibres.

The asbestos fibres become dangerous when damaged or flaking. You are unlikely to see them in the air and can easily become trapped in lung tissue. Always stay well away from any damaged lagging or boiler insulation that appears in a bad state of repair.

A specialist contractor will be required to deal with any asbestos and make the area safe. Getting rid of the source will not render the area safe. A full decontamination should be carried out once the source has been removed.

Boiler engineers and plumbers should not work on any system that contains asbestos insulation. Public and commercial buildings in Northern Ireland will have an asbestos register which will detail the presence of any asbestos including it’s condition. Always check this document before commencing any upgrade or repair. If no such document exists please contact us and we can help.

Who Can You Contact To Survey Asbestos?

You can contact our friendly team of experts! We are fully trained asbestos surveyors and have a large portfolio of completed surveys for clients across Northern Ireland. Public sector asbestos surveys, domestic and industrial are all catered for.

We leave no stone un-turned. Our professional asbestos surveyors will provide you with a very detailed asbestos report tailored to your building. This will help ensure the safety of anyone who comes in and out of the building. It also helps you keep on the right side of the law reducing the likelihood of any fines being handed out for an asbestos incident.

Call us today on 07702 332 333. We look forward to hearing from you. Ask about our competitive asbestos survey prices for our Northern Ireland clients.