Asbestos Duty to Manage

Asbestos Duty to Manage

What is Asbestos Duty to Manage?

Anyone who owns, occupies, manages or has responsibility for non-domestic properties which may contain asbestos will have.

  • A legal duty to manage the risks from asbestos (Control of Asbestos Regulations NI 2007) or,
  • A legal duty to co-operate with whoever manages that risk.

The above also applies to anyone responsible for common areas of a building e.g. communal areas of flats, lifts or hallways.

Asbestos Surveys Northern Ireland

For a professional Asbestos Survey please give ourĀ team a call. We will help you identify asbestos in your building and help you to create your Asbestos Management Plan.

Tel: 07702 332 333


What if I am a Tenant or Landlord?

Asbestos duty to manageĀ for rented non-domestic buildings can be set out via the tenancy agreement or contract. It tends to outline the tenants and the landlords responsibilities. If your Northern Ireland tenancy agreement or contract does not detail asbestos related responsibilities then you should seek clarification from your landlord as soon as possible.

asbestos-duty-to-manageAsbestos The Hidden Killer

Asbestos is indeed a hidden killer. It can be found in Walls, floors, ceiling coatings, fire-board, asbestos insulation board, lagging, roofing, soffits, ventilation ducts which can all seem and look harmless. The Hidden Killer is an excellent asbestos awareness campaign from the Health & Safety Executive.

HSENI Asbestos Duty to Manage Leaflet

Please click here to view the free informative leaflet from the Health & Safety Executive detailing what you should know about the duty you have to manage asbestos materials.


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