Asbestos Exposure Fine – NEWS

Asbestos Exposure Fine – NEWS

asbestos-exposure-dustAsbestos Exposure Results in £30000 Fine in Northern Ireland

Asbestos Exposure. At Antrim Crown Court a local building consultancy firm was fined £30,000 plus court costs for health & safety breaches which led to joiners being exposed to asbestos. You can read the full HSENI article by clicking on this link.


Holywell Hospital Antrim

The incident involving asbestos exposure occurred in Holywell Hospital Antrim. As with any commercial building, an asbestos survey must be carried out before any repair work takes place. A local building surveyor was instructed to conduct asbestos surveys and removal to ensure it was safe for the joiners to carry out their repairs in the hospital.

HSENI Investigation Findings

HSENI’s investigation found that the asbestos report fell short in many areas and was not of the expected standard required for health & safety compliance. They found asbestos in a poor condition throughout ducting where the repairs where to be carried out. The report conducted by the surveyors indicated that there were no asbestos present in some of the areas where the HSE had found it.

The Health Trust at Holywell Hospital relied on a firm to do a thorough job to keep construction workers safe from asbestos exposure but this shows the importance of getting it right.

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