What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

asbestos-management-planWe hear lots of talk these days about Asbestos and the negative health affects. So what is an asbestos management plan?

An Asbestos Management Plan is simply a document regarding the management of asbestos. Across Northern Ireland we write these for our clients every day. Ever wondered what goes into one? Your asbestos management plan should include the following:

  1. The person / officer responsible for managing asbestos.
  2. Provide details / instructions for the asbestos register.
  3. Plans for any work on the asbestos material.
  4. Details for monitoring asbestos and it’s condition.
  5. Instructions for telling people about any decisions made.

In addition to this the plan must be easy to read and easy to update. It can be computer based!

You must record the condition of the asbestos at regular intervals and update the plan whenever work affects the asbestos material.

An Example Asbestos Management Plan

If you want to see an example asbestos management plan. Click here. This is produced by The Health & Safety Executive and is only an example. You should always get professional advice / asbestos surveys from a qualified team of building surveyors such as Asbestos Solutions NI.

We have headquarters in Belfast, and Coleraine, Northern Ireland and are always happy to assist our customers.

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