Can I Work With Asbestos?

can-i-work-with-asbestosWe always get asked. “Can I work With Asbestos?” You should NOT¬†disturb asbestos materials. However if you have had the appropriate asbestos training and you have adequate supervision then you are permitted to perform minimal work with asbestos. You should ALWAYS¬†seek professional advice as most asbestos work has to be carried out by a licensed asbestos contractor. In a commercial setting, a project manager or duty holder will know when to call the licensed contractor.

An Essential Asbestos Survey

It is essential to have an asbestos survey carried out before any work takes place. Asbestos Solutions NI can provide you with peace of mind. You will receive a comprehensive asbestos survey that will give you all the information you require to manage your building and the associated asbestos fibers risk.

Contact Philip on: 07702 332 333 to book an asbestos survey!

Was the Property Built Before the Year 2000?

If your property was built before the year 2000 and you must work with asbestos. Make sure you have had an asbestos survey carried out.

Do not start work if:

  • You are not sure is there is asbestos where you are working (Always assume asbestos is present).
  • The asbestos is sprayed coatings or loose pipe lagging (This is strictly a job for a licensed contractor).
  • You have not received adequate training to do work on Non-Licensed work with asbestos. (Basic awareness training is not enough).

If you need to work on asbestos the guidelines are:

  • Do Not use power tools that create lots of dust.
  • Keep materials damp but not too wet.
  • Always wear a disposable FFP3 mask (an ordinary mask is not enough).
  • Double bag asbestos using very thick durable bags and label it as asbestos hazardous waste.
  • Use a class H vacuum cleaner.
  • Wear type 5 disposable overalls and always remove overalls before removing your face mask.
  • Discard disposable overalls and masks. Again double bag and label as asbestos waste.
  • Never carry asbestos to your car or home.
  • Wear disposable footwear covers.

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