Electrical Upgrades and Asbestos Management

Electrical upgrades and asbestos management often go hand in hand. If you are upgrading or extending your electrical system at your company or business premises then legally the law says that you need an asbestos survey. We carry out asbestos surveys right across our Northern Ireland businesses. Sometimes unfortunately we come across cases where a Northern Ireland company has been fined for asbestos management failings and it can cost businesses quite a lot of money, not to mention the health consequences of asbestos exposure for employees.

Northern Ireland Company was Fined For Asbestos Failings

file0001712971412Recently a Northern Ireland company was fined for asbestos failings after having a new fire alarm system fitted. The company did not have an asbestos survey carried out nor an asbestos management plan in place. This led to a Health and Safety investigation and a fine of nearly £7000.00. Employees were likely to have been exposed to asbestos fibers during the fire system install at the County Tyrone company. Read the complete article here.

Book Your Northern Ireland Asbestos Survey

Book your Northern Ireland Asbestos survey today. We will search every inch of the building and note all asbestos found. We will be able to help you create your own asbestos management plan to satisfy the Northern Ireland Health & Safety Executive. Best of all it will ensure that you and your employees will be safe with no possibility of coming into contact with asbestos at work.

Our asbestos surveys are extremely cost effective. We are always on hand to provide professional and independent advice on asbestos queries. With Asbestos Solutions NI you will have complete peace of mind and we will take care of everything needed to secure your business premises and ensure a healthy workplace.

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