Asbestos Management in Northern Ireland

asbestos-management-northern-irelandAsbestos Management in Northern Ireland is probably one of the most important tasks that should be done to the highest standards within your building maintenance programme. Asbestos Solutions NI assist our customers in providing the answers to all of your asbestos related questions. We carry out asbestos surveys right across Northern Ireland.

Recently the Health & Safety Executive NI launched a campaign to help us all manage the risks of asbestos wherever it may be found. “Are you responsible for a hidden killer?” It is very chilling when we think that we could be responsible for exposing people to asbestos. Indeed some local violations have occurred resulting in the possibility that employees and children may have been exposed to asbestos fibres at a local Grammar School. You can read more about that story from the Belfast Telegraph by clicking here. Everybody has a duty of care. If you are responsible for the maintenance of domestic or commercial properties then you have a legal duty to manage the risk from asbestos.

Contact Asbestos Solutions Northern Ireland for a professional asbestos survey. We will check an entire building for asbestos and provide you with a full report. We can also provide advice on asbestos removal in Northern Ireland.

Also feel free to check us out on Youtube where you will find a short video on what we can do to help you.


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