Working with Asbestos – Architects and Building Surveyors

Working with Asbestos is dangerous. As part of their job, Architects and Surveyors often have to carry out surveys in old buildings and in so doing could easily disturb asbestos within the building. It is likely that they will have a good understanding of the more common forms of asbestos but not necessarily those less known suspicious materials that are often present in an old building

It is important that an appropriate Asbestos Demolition/ Refurbishment Survey has been carried at the start of a project, before any disturbance has been carried out… and that the survey has been fully inclusive and invasive. A Management survey is not sufficient. A building project can be seriously hampered if asbestos is discovered after commencement of work. In fact it could be financially disastrous.

Furthermore, with so many different asbestos containing materials, often located in hard to access locations, even the most invasive, destructive of surveys can sometimes miss some well concealed hazardous materials So even with a survey in place, it is important that due care is taken when disturbing the components of an old building…The bottom line is Always proceed with caution!!

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