Asbestos Surveyors in Northern Ireland

Asbestos Surveyors in Northern Ireland
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Qualified Asbestos Surveyors in Northern Ireland

What We Do

Image: One of our recent asbestos surveys at an office block in Lurgan.

We are a team of qualified asbestos surveyors in Northern Ireland. We can survey your property or business and take any samples of suspected asbestos. All samples taken are analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory right here in Northern Ireland.

Why Do I Need An Asbestos Survey?

You could need an asbestos survey if you are concerned about asbestos in your property. Perhaps it is to put your mind at rest so that you and your family are safe from Asbestos.

Businesses and commercial premises need an asbestos survey by law. Did you know that this includes any common areas of certain domestic properties such as communal areas and purpose built flats? Non domestic premises will have someone in charge of the building. It is their duty to manage asbestos and protect everyone who enters that building.

How We Can Help You?

ACE Surveyors can help you by providing a full building survey. We will provide a full report on all samples and asbestos found. We can then advise you on setting up an asbestos management register to keep track of everything.

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Are All Asbestos Surveys Different?

In general yes! Every one will be different, and from our experience even houses that were built as part of the same development have different levels of asbestos in them and in different places so no survey is the same.

In Technical terms there are different types of asbestos survey. They are:

Asbestos Management Survey

An asbestos management survey is to locate asbestos in the building. It includes checking the condition and any potential disturbance of the material. From the report you will know how to manage the asbestos safely so that it poses less of a threat to your health.

Refurbishment / Demolition Asbestos Survey

These surveys are a legal requirement before any refurbishment or demolition work is conducted. Again the survey looks deeply into the building to discover any asbestos and the risks involved with the prospective works. This survey is detailed, it is invasive and will involve destructive inspection.


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