How Was Asbestos Made?

How Was Asbestos Made?

Asbestos was not actually made, it is a naturally occurring mineral that was mined for use. Asbestos fibres were used in thousands of asbestos based products and can be found all over the world.

The material has been used by humans even thousands of years ago. It was used to strengthen products and cloth.

How Was Asbestos Made

Asbestos is the name given to several fibrous silicate minerals. Asbestos was famous for it’s thermal resistance to harsh environments and was woven into fabrics. In fact, asbestos used to be used to make fireproof stage curtains in the theater. It would also have been used in clothes created for firefighters.

Asbestos was used in making asbestos containing materials A.C.M. It added strength and flexibility to products such as roofing sheets and tiles. Asbestos was used in making sealants and adhesives including artex to make them more durable.

Asbestos has excellent heat resistance and so was used in boiler lagging and insulating boards. Finely ground asbestos fibres were used within these boards and materials. Asbestos used to be woven into textiles to make them fire resistant.

It was common to find asbestos used in vehicle brake linings and clutch mechanisms. Years ago heart surgeons had used asbestos thread to close incisions. It was used as artificial snow for Christmas decorations. It is bizarre that this was going on but at least now we have the information to protect from asbestos.

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