Asbestos Surveys & Disposal

Asbestos Surveys & Disposal

The Importance of Asbestos Surveys


We are quickly becoming wise to the danger of cancer causing asbestos materials. There are far too many stories in Northern Ireland of people who have been exposed to asbestos fibers. Unfortunately some have subsequently contracted cancer later in life.

There are now very strict rules when dealing with asbestos in Northern Ireland and it is important to protect yourself and others.

An Asbestos survey from Asbestos Solutions NI (ACE Building Surveys) will give you the information you need. We can survey your property and locate any asbestos. We collect samples and they are taken to a UKAS accredited lab where tested is carried out. You are then be provided with a report detailing exactly where asbestos has been found in your property.

Safety measures can then be employed such as an asbestos management plan. Alternatively it will help you to ensure that asbestos is not disturbed.

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Asbestos Disposal in Northern Ireland

Firstly, we do not provide asbestos disposal. We are independent asbestos surveyors who can locate, test and provide training on asbestos.

Asbestos must be collected by a reputable asbestos disposal company who has a license to carry out this work. They will have special PPE (Personal protective equipment) including overalls and masks. All asbestos waste must be double bagged and labelled so that it can be easily identified during its disposal. This protects us all from asbestos fibers.

Belfast Council

Belfast Council offers a limited asbestos collection service. This is only for cement based asbestos products such as gutter, down pipes etc. They will collect cement based asbestos weighing up to 120kg. This service is only available to households within the Belfast city council electoral area as checked on 2nd July 2016. This service may be withdrawn in the future.

Anything else such as asbestos paneling, ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, electric cupboard panels, insulation and other asbestos material MUST be disposed of by a fully trained, reputable licensed contractor.

Never Dispose of Asbestos Yourself

During our daily work we have heard of situations where members of the public have removed asbestos themselves and taken it to their local amenity site to dispose of. This is dangerous for everyone and in many cases the waste is not labelled.

If you are worried about asbestos or need help identifying it in your home. Call us to book one of our asbestos surveys.

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