Calling All Tradespeople

Calling All Tradespeople

Calling all I.T Installers, Security Installers, Shop Fitters, Electricians, Joiners, Telecoms Installers and everyone in-between. Do you ask for the Asbestos Register before starting work in a commercial building?
If the answer is no please read on…

What Asbestos Register?

It is a legal requirement for all duty holders to have had an asbestos survey carried out and an up to date asbestos register available. The asbestos surveyor will provide the information of all asbestos present, it’s condition and recommendations.

It is common to leave asbestos well alone if it is in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed. Sometimes removing asbestos can be a lengthy and expensive task so leaving it in situ can be an option if it poses little risk. Asbestos that poses little risk can turn into a major hazard if disturbed so the asbestos register should be consulted before any work is carried out in the building.

Asbestos registers have saved lives. There have been many trades who have been made aware of asbestos where they may otherwise have disturbed it and caused the release of dangerous fibres. This can include things like knocking down a wall, replacing a ceiling or installing new wifi access points. Always ask for and check the asbestos register.

Professional Asbestos Surveyors

Need a professional asbestos surveyor? Look no further, we are an independent team of qualified asbestos surveyors working across Northern Ireland. Our attention to detail, experience and qualifications mean you will always get an expert and thorough job from us.

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