Do I Need an Asbestos Survey in Northern Ireland?

Do I Need an Asbestos Survey in Northern Ireland?

Those in charge of commercial premises are required to have an asbestos survey carried out and keep a register of any asbestos in the building. This helps protect anyone who uses the building from coming into contact with asbestos.

For domestic properties, it is recommended to have an asbestos survey if your home was built prior to the year 2000. Many of our previous clients did not realise asbestos was present in their home until an asbestos survey had been carried out.

Will I Receive An Asbestos Report?

Yes, we always provide a full report written in plain English. It contains key information such as type of asbestos found, the risk factors involved, photographs, physical location of asbestos and recommendations.

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Avoid Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos can be very hazardous when disturbed. Unfortunately tradesmen and women become exposed to asbestos when drilling, cleaning, fixing, sanding, decorating and renovating. In many cases this exposure occurs because the trades-person didn’t know asbestos was present. Asbestos can not easily be identified by eye so an asbestos survey aims to identify suspect material and provide a concrete answer so you can make informed decisions.

An asbestos survey aims to help keep everyone safe. To book an asbestos survey in Northern Ireland, please call Philip on 07702 332 333 today.