Can I Tell if I Have Asbestos In My Home?

Can I Tell if I Have Asbestos In My Home?

A lot of people ask us if they can identify their own asbestos in the home or work place. But read on to find out what you should know!

We all know that asbestos is dangerous and that you should not disturb any that might be lurking in your building.

How Will I Know If I Have Asbestos?

We always recommend one of our thorough asbestos surveys if you are in any doubt whatsoever. However if you are interested in looking yourself then here are some notes to remember.

When Was Your Home Built?

This can help in identifying a possible asbestos presence. We expect that if your home was built after the year 2000 then it is unlikely to contain any asbestos. However, some contractors may have had some asbestos stock left over and may have used it somewhere in a building. It is always good to check with houses around that age and more so before this date.

Checking For Asbestos

We have heard many examples of what our clients think asbestos looks like. Some had mentioned chalk and some wool. Some people have even thought that it has a damp smell. This is not true.

Asbestos comes in different colours and types. The confusion doesn’t stop there. Asbestos used to be part of the mix in 1000’s of different products over the years. It literally could be anywhere. So whether taking down an old ceiling or fitting a new bath panel, always assume it could be asbestos until it has been checked by an expert of competent person who knows.

Ok, But Is There A Smell From Asbestos?

Some people believe asbestos has a smell. We have heard customers say it smells like damp, fish, old wallpaper, old books, mud, chemical smell.

We can confirm that asbestos does NOT have a smell. People get mixed up because asbestos insulation board has been used in damp or old buildings, ceilings and other areas where such smells may be present. It is not asbestos you smell it will be the room or area itself so beware, this is not an indication of asbestos.

Where Can I Book An Asbestos Survey In Northern Ireland?

Asbestos is not easy to find and now we know you can’t smell it. It may have been papered or painted over, even covered with tiles. You just don’t know where it may be in a building. For this reason it is best left to a fully qualified asbestos and property surveyor.

We provide asbestos surveys right across Northern Ireland. We are very thorough in our approach and will leave no area to chance.

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