Carry Out an Asbestos Survey – Keeping Projects on Track

Carry Out an Asbestos Survey – Keeping Projects on Track

As surveyors we always advise to carry out an asbestos survey before any maintenance, refurbishment or demolition. This helps ensure that the project stays on track and there are no hidden problems that could hamper progress and potential profit.

When we survey a property for asbestos, we are looking at the type of asbestos, it’s location and any materials that contain it. With fully qualified specialist surveyors we can take samples to a Northern Ireland UKAS accredited lab for detailed analysis. This helps us produce your professional report!

Making People Aware of Asbestos

After we carry out an asbestos survey and provide the report. It will include locations, condition of the material and type found. It helps make everyone aware of the dangers and helps keep people safe.

An asbestos register can be used so that any contractors working on site can see at a glance where any asbestos is present before starting any work.

Not sure where to find asbestos? See our previous post for examples of where to find asbestos in the home or business premises here.

Professional Asbestos Surveyors Northern Ireland

Having an asbestos survey carried out not only keeps you right but it will give you complete peace of mind. Knowing that you have had the building surveyed by our specialist team and getting a report to back it up will give you the confidence to move forward with the project.

Contact Philip today on 07702 332 333. We are always happy to assist and work across Northern Ireland. We can accommodate emergency asbestos surveys if you need one in a hurry.