Do I Really Need to be That Worried About Asbestos?

Do I Really Need to be That Worried About Asbestos?

Because asbestos is linked with mesothelioma people are rightly worried when any suspected asbestos is found in their property. Our experts can help remove the stress and worry, leaving you with a way forward.

New Builds Are Not Affected

Asbestos was banned in late 1999 in the UK. Many Northern Ireland based construction companies phased out its use. So anything built from the year 2000 is less likely to contain asbestos. Although of-course you can never be sure that it wasn’t still used here and there by people not following the law at the time.

Buildings older than this may have bath panels, insulation, soffits, flues and cladding to name but a few that contain asbestos.

Is a Quick One-Off Exposure Dangerous?

There is a myth that one off exposure to asbestos isn’t harmful but in actual fact this isn’t true. There are no safe levels of exposure to asbestos fibres. Our advice is if there is any doubt leave well alone and contact an expert to investigate.

Is Asbestos Only Dangerous if Disturbed?

It’s true that asbestos that is disturbed is extremely dangerous. Airborne fibres can enter the lungs or be ingested and cause cancer and other illnesses.

Asbestos left in-situ should be checked regularly for signs of damage. If asbestos is frayed, torn, hanging loose or disturbed by birds or other animals, that is when the danger is highest.

Where Do I Get An Asbestos Test?

Our expert asbestos surveyors can help. We carry out asbestos tests across Northern Ireland and have offices in Belfast and Coleraine. Professionally trained to strict standards you can rest assured we will provide you with a detailed report. These reports can be used to re-negotiate the price of a house sale or help create an asbestos management plan or register. But most importantly it will help keep everyone safe.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.