Your Local Northern Ireland Asbestos Surveyor

Your Local Northern Ireland Asbestos Surveyor

Asbestos, a highly toxic and hazardous material, was widely used in various industries for its durability and fire resistance. However, due to its severe health risks, asbestos has been heavily regulated and phased out since its ban in 1999. In Northern Ireland, the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in buildings can pose a significant concern for the safety and well-being of occupants. This is where asbestos surveys and the expertise of asbestos surveyors play a crucial role.

Understanding Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys are essential for identifying and managing the presence of asbestos in buildings. These surveys are conducted by certified and competent asbestos surveyors who possess the necessary qualifications and knowledge to assess and analyse suspect materials. In Northern Ireland, there are two main types of asbestos surveys. Although we tend to carry out a full comprehensive asbestos survey as much as possible to offer the best value and protection:

1. Asbestos Management Survey

An Asbestos Management Survey is conducted to effectively manage asbestos-containing materials during the normal occupation and use of premises. This survey aims to identify the location, extent, and condition of any ACM within the building. It provides valuable information for developing an effective asbestos management plan to ensure the safety of occupants and compliance with regulations.

2. Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey

A Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey is required when a building or part of it is undergoing refurbishment, upgrading, or demolition. This survey is more comprehensive and intrusive compared to a Management Asbestos Survey. It involves thorough inspections, sampling of suspect materials, laboratory analysis, and the provision of a detailed survey report. This survey helps identify and assess the presence of asbestos before any renovation or demolition work takes place, ensuring the safety of workers and compliance with regulations.

The Role of Asbestos Surveyors

Asbestos surveyors are highly trained professionals responsible for carrying out asbestos surveys in Northern Ireland. They play a critical role in assessing the presence and condition of asbestos-containing materials, conducting inspections, collecting samples, and analysing them in accredited laboratories. A competent asbestos surveyor should be:

  • Professionally qualified
  • Have extensive knowledge of current legislation
  • Have access to specialist equipment
  • Maintain quality assurance and control procedures

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Asbestos surveys and the expertise of our asbestos surveyors are indispensable for ensuring safety and compliance in Northern Ireland. These surveys play a vital role in identifying, managing, and removing asbestos-containing materials, protecting the health of building occupants and workers. By working with certified asbestos surveyors and adhering to strict regulations, individuals and organisations can mitigate the risks associated with asbestos and create healthier environments for all.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.