I.T Worker Dies From Asbestos Exposure

I.T Worker Dies From Asbestos Exposure

Many people believe that some jobs are riskier than others in terms of coming into contact with asbestos. Plumbers, electricians and construction workers are certainly high risk when it comes to asbestos exposure due to the nature of that work. I.T workers should be at less risk of asbestos exposure you might think.

The BBC reported the tragic story of Jason Williams who was a 45 year old I.T worker. He had no idea that his job would endanger his life. Jason unfortunately contracted Mesothelioma when he worked at Port Talbot steel works in his 20s. He died in 2019, 6 months after his diagnosis.

Jasons father Roy Williams has called for the removal of asbestos from all buildings due to the danger posed by asbestos inhalation. In a moving plea to the Government he says that asbestos exposure is a death sentence and it took his son leaving the family devastated.

It Shouldn’t Be There

Roy said “It (asbestos) shouldn’t be there, 22 years after a bill was passed to stop it’s use, it shouldn’t be there, but there it was and it still is.” Asbestos should be removed from all buildings so other families don’t have to go through this horrific nightmare.

Asbestos Safety – Should I Have an Asbestos Survey?

Sadly, we see reports like this all the time and it’s frustrating, because we can prevent exposure. However today, people are still coming into contact with asbestos. People are exposed to asbestos while simply doing their job only to go onto contract asbestos related cancer.

Our mission is to carry out high quality asbestos surveys across Northern Ireland. An asbestos survey helps identify asbestos, even asbestos that may be hidden. When we check a building for asbestos we collect samples for testing. You are then provided with a full written report on the findings.

Using your report you will then know exactly where asbestos is, what condition it is in and what type of asbestos it is. This will enable you to keep everyone safe by avoiding it. Contractors will also be able to see asbestos details from the asbestos register and this will keep all building users safe. Our recommendations will help.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.