Is An Asbestos Survey Important?

Is An Asbestos Survey Important?

This is a question asked by many, is an asbestos survey important? We say the simple answer is yes and we’ll explain why in our latest blog post.

The Unknown of What May be Lurking

We conduct a large amount of asbestos surveys every year in Northern Ireland. People at home and work can come into contact with asbestos based materials without even knowing. We have seen scenarios in kitchens, offices, boiler houses and roof spaces with asbestos that is old and damaged and in need of urgent attention.

We now know the dangers posed by asbestos and have the knowledge to help us avoid unnecessary exposure. However on many occasions people simply don’t know what it looks like or don’t even know it’s there at all. For example as reported in a local Northern Ireland newspaper a NI Rugby Club recently closed to deal with asbestos after having a survey carried out by a contractor. See the article here.

Asbestos Surveys Can Benefit You

Asbestos surveys can benefit you by providing a qualified specialist surveyor such as ourselves to locate asbestos in your building. Our team can identify asbestos, document its type and condition which will help you keep everyone safe. You will receive a plain English report on the findings and with your agreement any samples of suspect asbestos can be carefully obtained and tested right here in Northern Ireland at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

That means we can quickly identify and report on your asbestos as soon as possible allowing youy to make any necessary changes to protect the health and safety of your staff, friends and family.

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