Is It Dangerous to Remove Asbestos?

Is It Dangerous to Remove Asbestos?

We often get asked, is it dangerous to remove asbestos? Our professionals always urge caution and recommend not touching asbestos at all. It should always be left to a specialist.

Asbestos was used extensively in Northern Ireland and across the world due to it’s fire retardant properties, strength and flexibility. This once “wonder” material has caused countless deaths and misery to people who had contact with it.

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Never disturb asbestos containing materials. It’s not worth it. Previously, tradesmen and women were tempted to rip out asbestos during previous renovations and building works to get a project done quickly only to be hit with life threatening illnesses later in their lives.

Should I Get an Asbestos Surveyor?

Before doing any upgrades, alterations or building works on a property built before the year 2000. We always recommend a thorough asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey will uncover any asbestos that may be present. If unsure, we can take controlled samples and have them tested at a UKAS accredited lab right here in Northern Ireland.

Our asbestos surveys are designed to keep you and the other building users safe. We can tailor a survey to suit you or your property. Call Philip on 07702 332 333 to book. We are always delighted to assist.