Tradesmen & Women – Always Ask for the Asbestos Register

Tradesmen & Women – Always Ask for the Asbestos Register

A new campaign has been launched by the Northern Ireland Health & Safety Executive. Always ask for the asbestos register.

Tradesmen and women across the country are in danger of being exposed to asbestos while carrying out their duties. Too many people are still contracting asbestos related illness unnecessarily. The HSE are trying to highlight the very real dangers that still remain today.

It’s Your Legal Duty!

If you look after or manage a commercial building it’s your legal duty to commission an asbestos survey and create an asbestos register to help protect everyone.

All tradespeople should see this register before starting any work that may lead to asbestos being disturbed. If asbestos is disturbed, it endangers not only the worker but everyone in the vicinity.

Let’s Reduce the Number of Deaths

The Health & Safety Executive say asbestos remains one of the biggest threats to construction workers in NI. Working to reduce the number of deaths is the motivation for the new campaign.

Do You Need an Asbestos Survey in Northern Ireland?

We are an independent team of professional asbestos surveyors working across Northern Ireland. Never take the chance with unknown materials. Asbestos can be lurking in unexpected places. Our professional surveyors will check the building thoroughly and any collected samples will indicate the type of asbestos. Your full report will detail everything you need to know to keep people safe and remain legal.

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