Is Your Working Environment Safe?

Is Your Working Environment Safe?

Commercial premises should have an asbestos register to help keep everyone safe from asbestos. In previous times such procedures would not have been common nor enforced so this potentially put people at risk.

Legacy Asbestos Issues

We recently came across this article. Julie Wilson from Yorkshire was sadly recently diagnosed with mesothelioma after becoming unwell. Naturally it came as a shock to the family to learn about this diagnosis.

Julie who is 60 started looking back into her previous history and remembered working in buildings that were very dusty during past employment. Some of the buildings had maintenance issues. It now seems to be the case that the dust could have been asbestos and unknowingly she had been breathing it in during her working day.

Asbestos Dangers at Work

It is sad to learn about people who are still being diagnosed with Mesothelioma today. If only people had access to the relevant information in previous decades they could have been much safer at work.

In 2022 a huge number of commercial premises still contain asbestos that has been installed decades ago. We carry out asbestos surveys across Northern Ireland everyday and see it daily. This ageing material can often be in a bad state of repair and dangerous to your health. Now that we know about asbestos and the damage it can cause we should do everything in our power to keep people safe.

One of the main things all duty holders should do is to have an up to date asbestos register and make all contractors or working aware of it before any works take place.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.