Keeping up to Date With Asbestos Regulations

As we learn more about the nature of hazardous materials, we need to adapt the ways we handle them and work around them when they are present in buildings. As we specialise in asbestos surveys in Northern Ireland, we make sure to keep up with all the latest laws and regulations surrounding the safe handling of this hazardous substance. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on 6 April 2012, and we have made sure to keep our asbestos surveys and other services completely up to date, allowing you to meet every legal requirement during your workplace operations.
When these regulations came into force, some of the existing legislation remained the same. For example, asbestos containing materials which are in good condition can still be left in place, but need to be monitored; people working in premises with asbestos need to be protected from health risks; and risk assessment needs to be carried out if any building or maintenance work is to be carried out on a building where asbestos is present.
However, there were also various chances to legislation. Records now need to be kept of non-licensed work. There are set to be further changes in the New Year. By April 2015, workers who are dealing with asbestos during non-licensed work need to have their health monitored by a doctor. If you have any concerns about these changes, we will be happy to advise you on the evolving standards of asbestos legislation and make sure your work is being done safely and legally.
We are dedicated to helping our clients manage the risks of this dangerous material, and can carry out all kinds of asbestos surveys in NI so you can be absolutely certain your work is being carried out as safely as possible. With our assistance, you can make sure the risk to your workers and the public is kept to an absolute minimum, and ensure that you are adhering to all the required legal standards for handling asbestos.

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