Reducing Health Risks

Although the potential damage to health from asbestos is widely known these days, it can still be difficult to determine its presence and condition. Asbestos can remain undisturbed for years and present no threat whatsoever. The danger is presented when tradesmen and individuals undertake building and refurbishment work on a structure with an asbestos presence. Once the materials are disturbed and the toxins become airborne anybody in close proximity is in immediate danger and exposure can result in severe, long term health problems.
There have been many documented cases of professional builders and plumbers that have inadvertently discovered and disturbed asbestos containing materials. The way to avoid any risks to the health of your employees and yourself is to arrange a thorough survey of your building before any work commences. All surveys must be carried out by a qualified individual and conducted with meticulous care and attention. We provide trusted and competent asbestos management surveys in Northern Ireland and we help our clients fully conform to every health and safety regulation.

We know for sure that the longer a human being is exposed to an asbestos presence, the greater their risk of developing serious health issues. Our responsibility is to our clients, and we facilitate every safety requirement with an efficient and effective service. By implementing our proficient testing service, you can prevent any further exposure.

We make sure every aspect of our service is carried out to the highest possible standard. Our process of analysis is quick, efficient and dependable. You will receive your results in a matter of days via post or email, depending on your preference. Our management program enables long term protection for you and your employees. Our clients can rest assured we have the experience, knowledge and skills to construct an effective asbestos management plan. Our asbestos management surveys in NI are thoroughly reliable and we are dedicated to delivering the long term solutions you need.

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