Checking a Property for Asbestos Before Demolition

Asbestos can be present in any property built before the material was banned entirely in 1999 in the UK. The material was used in countless structures because of its fireproof characteristics and low cost, but it was outlawed after it became apparent that exposure to it could cause severe health complications. As a result of its wide use, anybody doing any refurbishments on a property or demolishing one must first have it checked for the presence of asbestos.
Having the property surveyed is important so that measures can be taken to account for the safety of people on site and anybody they come into contact with afterwards. Asbestos can be spread very easily and will cling to clothing, hair and other items so it leaves the site when workers do if they are not careful. If work begins before a survey is done you put any number of people at risk and can face large fines. We can provide full asbestos demolition surveys in Northern Ireland to ensure you are carrying out safe work.
You can rely on our trained professionals to safely inspect the property and locate harmful materials efficiently. The survey should be scheduled as early as possible so removal can take place quickly and the rest of the project can get underway. When the survey is finished you’ll receive a report that details the location and extent of the asbestos in the property. Any that is in a potentially dangerous state will be highlighted so it can be dealt with in the right way.
We have extensive experience dealing with asbestos demolition surveys in NI, having completed inspections of both large and small properties across the public, domestic and commercial sectors. We take the utmost care with each task to make sure we examine the property closely and determine the exact location and level of asbestos. As well as carrying out the survey, we can also help you plan the removal and management of the hazardous materials.

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