Preserving Health and Safety Standards in Demolition

When you have a requirement for asbestos demolition surveys in Northern Ireland, you can be certain that we will provide fast, accurate and professional work every time. We have a peerless performance record when it comes to delivering comprehensive reports which can be relied on for the safe and complete removal of asbestos from your premises.
In this day and age, we are all now only too aware of how damaging a substance asbestos can be when the fibres are disturbed in any way. Whilst in general terms efforts are being made to remove asbestos for buildings that are still in use, it is of vital importance to ensure safety measures are in place when a building that has asbestos in it is to be demolished.
We provide comprehensive asbestos demolition surveys in NI, enabling us to provide a safe strategy plan for removing the substance. Our reports present a full picture of not only where the asbestos is located in a property, but also what the condition and general state of it is and the correct approach to take in removing it.
Damaged or dislodged asbestos installations can release spores and fibres into the atmosphere. The asbestos particles, which are usually all but invisible to the naked human eye, are highly damaging to lungs when inhaled. The fact is that no building owner would wish to deliberately expose anyone to the dangers of asbestos. With our asbestos demolition survey work carried out, the potential risk to health is made completely clear, allowing you to take appropriate actions to avoid the dangers. Using our expert services allows you to not only comply with your legal obligations, but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have done all you can to ensure that no harm befalls your employees or the public due to the presence of asbestos.
We are committed to providing all assistance and professional work we can in terms of evaluating your asbestos installations and assessing the best way possible for you to address it. Our proven track record of success over the years has seen us assist many in the safe demolition of buildings where asbestos is present. Before embarking on the demolition of a building where asbestos is present, make sure to consult our expert team and have a comprehensive survey.

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