How Will an Asbestos Survey be Formatted?

All asbestos management surveys in NI and beyond need to present information in a clear and concise manner, so they can be used to plan how work will progress. Reports start with a brief summary that acts as an overview. Photographic evidence should be offered to support findings; these will usually be found in the appendix.
The first part of the report will include some background information about the property and the scope of the work. Basic details such as the dates of inspections, the address and the building owner’s information will be included. A description of the status of the property post-survey will also be provided.
Following this section is an extensive description of the building including the type (commercial, domestic, industrial or public), the age and what it is used for. Dates of past work on the property should be included. Full details of the systems in the structure will also be provided including information about heating, roofing and mechanical ones.
Next you’ll find information about the inspector, the company they work for and their accreditation. Details of the laboratory that samples were analysed at will be included. A section to detail special instructions and the types of analysis should also be present.
The following section is one of the largest and includes the full survey methodology. Information about the procedures used, the type of sampling done and an inventory of locations used will be provided. Details about the scope of the survey are important and should include an overview of any otherwise inaccessible areas that will need to be accessed. A full description of the process used to check theses inaccessible parts of the structure must be provided.
The next part of the report describes the asbestos identification process. The central part of this is the list of materials that have been tested, the results from these tests and the exact location the sample was taken from.
Reports usually conclude with a notice to contractors and the procedure for communicating findings. Contractors need to be informed exactly where hazardous materials are found and other areas that weren’t surveyed where asbestos may also be located. Reports are normally delivered in both written and verbal formats.
Asbestos surveys are very important and should be completed before any alterations are made to a property. We specialise in all kinds of asbestos management surveys in Northern Ireland and can offer all the help you need. We take care with every service and strive to provide as much information about the structure as we can.

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