The Most Important Property Survey

If you’re doing any work on a property, particularly those that were built before 1985, you’ll need to have it surveyed for asbestos before you make any alterations. Whether it is a small scale extension or a full renovation, you need to make sure it is safe for work to take place. If you don’t have the survey done, you can leave workers exposed to contaminated materials and face the legal ramifications for doing so. We can provide you with one of our full and comprehensive asbestos surveys in NI to ensure you are living up to your legal requirements in your business.
Surveying requirements differ depending on the project, the location and the age of the property. If any demolition is taking place, a survey is essential and must take place as early as possible to prevent the spread of contaminants. All of the materials that will be disturbed during the work need to be looked at and identified to make sure they are safe. Samples should also be taken so they can be tested.
All asbestos surveys should be carried out by trained professionals to guarantee they are both accurate and comprehensive. Any negligence at this stage puts people on site at risk and those they come in contact with afterwards. The results of the survey should be used to put control measures in place as well as shaping the plan for the project. For these reasons it is important you get information that is clear and reliable; this makes choosing a provider even more essential.
We are committed to offering the highest standards of service to every single client. We have provided asbestos surveys in Northern Ireland for many years, and deliver one of the most comprehensive services you will find. From the initial survey and analysis, to testing, management and training, we support our clients comprehensively and make sure they can work as safely as possible.
As part of our service, we test samples for you at a UKAS accredited facility to ensure we deliver clear results. We understand the risk asbestos poses and share this knowledge with all of our clients, both in terms of surveying and managing materials. With us on side you can get your project underway and make sure you meet safety requirements.

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